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simon gray - 2016-03-18, 14:46:59

An SDS hammer drill is definitely the tool of choice for drilling into a wall. Srsly, every home should have one. 

Wordpress security

simon gray - 2016-03-07, 08:00:00

Seen on Twitter last night - a company selling insurance against one's Wordpress installation being hacked. If the Wordpress security landscape has got so bad that people need insurance to pay for recovery after a potential hack, I'd say it's time to stop using Wordpress. #internet #webdev

Zika virus

simon gray - 2016-02-04, 09:02:30

So given that

  • this Zika Virus thing is panning out to be something of a big deal, and
  • it's an especially big deal for pregnant women and their to-be-born children, and
  • there's a developing body of evidence of it also being sexually transmitted,
  • with in the worst case scenario the potential to pose an existential threat, and
  • currently a problem which is particularly affecting Catholic countries the worst,

wouldn't it be a good idea for this great supposedly progressive pope lots of people speak so highly of to issue an encyclical updating Humanae Vitae to be a bit more progressive on the topic of birth control?

Baby food

simon gray - 2016-02-02, 19:46:32

That moment when you’re making the separate dinner for the deBaby because yours can’t be babified & think ‘i wouldn’t mind that for myself’.

(cabbage, red pepper. onion, cumin seed, and caraway seed, since you were wondering)



simon gray - 2016-01-28, 18:33:52

I’ve come home to a news story that apparently the Russians spied on Mao Tse-Tung’s poo. It’s a glorious life, the life of a spy.

Obscure kitchen utensils

simon gray - 2016-01-19, 18:01:38

In John Lewis, with a friend who was looking for a salad spinner. Neither of the two assistants working in the kitchen department knew what a salad spinner is. 

Celebrity scientists

simon gray - 2016-01-16, 09:37:21

Here's a thing which occurs to me - do celebrity television astronomers (such as eg Maggie Aderin-Pocock) get a bit narked seeing celebrity television particle physicists such as Brian Cox fronting space programmes?

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